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New Free to Good Home John W Reed Reed Organ

One of the straps on the right hand pedal has broken.
However the bellows do fill using the left pedal and sounds come out.
Hope someone might take it and restore it.
We are located in South Edinburgh which may help any interested party
decide whether it’s a practical proposition.

14 Stops:

Octave Coupler

Vox Humana

Octave Coupler

Please contact Nigel

New Free to Good Home Smith Reed Organ

Smith American Reed Organ serial number 130130 with lovely high top and mirror.
Refurbished to a good working order.

For collection or possibly delivery to somewhere within a sensible distance - from Bishops Waltham, Hampshire, SO322TZ.

Please contact Liz

New Free to Good Home Bell Reed Organ  
14 stop reed organ available.  All working.

Viola                            4
Diapason                    8
Dolce                          4
Violetta                       2
Sub Bass                   16
Octave Coupler
Vox Humana
Cremona                  16
Euphone                   16
Echo                            8
Melodia                       8
Celeste                       8
Flute                            4

Comes with stool as illustrated.

New owner to collect
from Jaywick near Clacton-on-Sea, Essex.

Please email Alan for further details.   .

Looking for Jenny Lind's Harmonium   
The famous singer Jenny Lind had a six octave portable harmonium made by Theodore-Achille MÜLLER  42, rue de la Ville l'Evêque,  Paris.  It was given to Jenny Lind in 1849 by Salis Schwabe and bequeathed by Jenny Lind’s daughter, a Mrs Raymond Maude in 1935 to the Children’s Hospital in Norwich, which bears the name of Jenny Lind as she was the foundress in 1854 after playing some charity concerts in the city to raise the money. The Harmonium was received and apparently in pride of place in the hospital until at least 1975
when the Jenny Lind Children’s Hospital merged with the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital.

You can see a similar instrument below, hear it being played here on YouTube
and see some details at 

The hospital would now like to trace the harmonium.  If you own it or know of its wherabouts please contact Richard   

Gone to Good Home Dominion Reed Organ  
Dominion organ & Piano Company reed organ made in Bownanville, Ontario, Canada. 
Sold by Robert Stather of Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park.
No idea of age but I think maybe 1900's. 
It is 22" deep by 75" high and 44" wide.  It is lovely and decorative but it needs some tlc
as it has been in my conservatory and the varnish has peeled off
and there is a bit of water staining on the stool and top.  The foot pump still works though and the piano keys. 
The stop knobs are: 
Diapason, Bassoon, Sub Bass, Bass Coupler, 1 Forte, one with a label missing (probably Vox Humana),
11 forte, Treble Coupler, Vox Angelica, Echo and Melodia.

Stool is included with the organ, but not the glass vases.

Free to Good Home Mason & Hamlin Reed Organ  
Mason and Hamlin small flat top organ, style 21. Free to anyone who will restore it.
The organ is obviously in need of restoration but it did play.
The action has now been lifted out but has not been messed with or dismantled further.
This video on YouTube demonstrates the organ’s lack of wind but does show that it is capable of playing.



Diapason (I think, the label is faded)


Vox Humana on/off



Collection from Chorley, Lancashire, England.

Email Richard or text: 07725903135 (no reception at work but will reply in the evening)

For Sale Smith Reed Organ  
SER. NO: 125989      Small cased Chapel Organ.
Date: c.1890   Dimensions: 126 x 72 x 130
Single manual, with walnut case. Stops: 20. Reeds: 388.
Full working order, c/w music stand fret, twin candle stands.
Rebuilt by Cambridge Reed Organs in 1998 & subsequently serviced.
Stops from left:
Diapason Forte                       Flute 4
Vox Humana                            Kalophon 8
Octave Coupler                       Aeoline 8
Sub-Bass 16                           Violina 8
Bifara 2                                    Baritone 16
Gemshorn 2                            Flageolet 4
Principal Dolce 4                   Trumpet 8
Principal 4                               Musette 16
Diapason 8                             Principal Forte
Dulciana 8                               Solo Forte
Knee Levers – Left: Full Organ. Right: Swell.
Location: Hassocks, West Sussex.
For further details, request photographs etc., e-mail Derek

For Sale Clough & Warren Reed Organ  
Clough and Warren Reed organ imported from Detroit, Michigan, USA.
This organ has been in the family for 3 generations. It was left to me, when my Great Auntie died.

The 16 stops from left to right consist of:-
Bass Coupler, Diapason, Cor Anglais, Viola, Dolce Viola, Sub Bass, Vox Humana,
Forte, Trumpet, Flute Dolce, Flute, Celeste, Clarone, Vox Angelet, Melodia, Treble Coupler.

The front includes brass candle stick holders that swivel on their mounts.
The organ all works fine, except the hessian straps that connect the pedals to the bellows have snapped, a simple fix.
In fact I have some old seatbelts to use as replacement for the hessian straps.
Just need to attach straps from the back of the organ with tacks/ staples.
There is a stool as well.

 For Sale at £200, cash on collection.

Collection from Hexham, Northumberland

Contact Wilf for details

No Longer Available Clough & Warren Reed Organ  
Large Clough & Warren reed organ with Scribner resonator tubes giving it an unusually smooth and rounded tone, as patented by George Scribner in 1870 (US104653).   In good playing order and with minor modifications to iron out some idiosyncrasies in its original design, all of which could easily be reversed.  Casework still in need of further renovation, music stand badly damaged / incomplete.  Comes with hand blowing gear as well as working foot pedals and is "chapel style" with an ornate back panel designed to be seen.

19 stops in all:

Diapason 8  (with resonator tubes)
Cor Anglais 8 (= Diapason with tubes closed)
Octave coupler  (super octave for full keyboard)
Viola 4
Viola Dolce 4 (derived)
Sub Bass 16 (1 octave C-C)
Gamba 8    (separate soft 8ft set)
Gemshorn 2
Harp Eolian 2 (celeste)


Cremona 16
Cello 16
Viol Etheria
 (separate soft 8ft set)
Flute Dolce 4
Flute 4
Celeste 8
Vox Angelet ( was soft Celeste, now  Melodia with
tubes closed)
Melodia 8 (with resonator tubes)
Vox Humana (fan tremelo - working)

Plus Full Organ and Forte knee swells.

Approximate Dimensions:
Length: 1430 mm                Depth:  750 mm              Height (without music stand): 1300mm  
Note the depth is larger than some modern UK doorways - check your doorway widths and access route !

A rare opportunity to purchase a splendid insturment, almost the top of Clough & Warren's range.  See an online copy of their 1883 catalogue.      Similar to Case 5 and Action 13  with a few extras.

For sale at £180, cash on collection.

Located just North of Liverpool. Easy flat access and help available with loading.
Note the instrument is heavy - either bring a tail lift van or several strong friends.

Free to Good Home Doherty two manual Reed Organ  

Free to any who will collect from ALTON, Hampshire GU34 1HY
Doherty Organ, Clinton, Ontario . Two foot operated bellows. Two manual 20 Stops

Works but will need TLC and work to restore it. Has been in the garage for some years,
but dry and pest free.

Base unit only - no superstructure.

Has to go in the next couple of months as we are selling the house.

Please contact Mike

FREE to Good Home Mason & Hamlin Reed Organ  

Mason and Hamlin model 45 reed organ. 
Single manual reed organ in impressive resonant case,
also labelled Metzler & Co American organ. 

131cm wide, 60cm deep and101cm high. 

All stop labels and music rest present, stops are:
auto swell, 1 diapason, 2 viola, vox humana on and off (tremelo).
2 flute 1 melodia and euphonic solo. 

Pedals need attention and 2 keys stuck. 
FREE for urgent collection near kielder, north east england

Please contact Edith.

FREE to Good Home Wilcox & White Reed Organ  

Location: Redlands, California, USA 92399

Condition: Plays well, minor work on case needed

Melodia, Viola,  Clariana, Principal Forte, Vox Humana
Diapason forte, Dulciana, Diapason, Vox Jubiletta

Contact: Gene Johnson Facebook Reed Organ Tech or email.

FREE to Good Home Dominion Reed Organ  

Made by the Dominion Organ and Piano Company ltd, Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada.
It is patented and Mouseproof!
Bought for me in the early 1970s from an antiques shop in Bath.
It plays, but could do with some restoration.
It has 12 stops:
Diapason, Piano, Viola, Dulcet, Bass Coupler, I Forte, Vox Humana,
II Forte, Treble Coupler, Vox Celeste, Echo and Melodia.
However 4 of the stop labels are missing and the II Forte doesn’t seem to be connected.
There are two knee swells.
Ideally I’m looking for someone to take it on and look after it for the next stage in its life. It is located in Nottingham.
Contact Mike or Catherine on 0115 9141007 or 07736 481295

For Sale  Worcester Reed Organ   

Manufactured in 1880s.

16 Stops

Violetta, Principal, Diapason, Vox Angelica, Forte, Sub Bass, Octave Coupler, Ophicleide
Vox Humana, Vox Celeste, Violincello, Principal Forte, Dulcet, Carabella, Flute, missing

There is also a top part which is currently sitting on the organ which you can't see with a large mirror in the centre and doors on both sides.

Located on the Isle of Man.
Offers to Sarah by email or anyone with questions can contact Dave on 07624 481958.

For Sale  Putnam Reed Organ   

1902 Putnam & Co Reed organ in very good condition with lovely embossed case.

two rows of reeds giving :

Bass Coupler



Treble Coupler.

Knee Swell, and Knee Full Organ

Good winding and working condition - one row of reeds permanently on but should be straightforward fix

Dimensions 113 cm high, 110cm wide, 58cm deep.

Located in Exeter, but could possibly deliver at cost of 50p per mile.  

Any reasonable offer considered.

Contact Paul by email or phone 07836 634071 for further details.

25 02 18

Click on this link to contact me by  email

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